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Feature updates

Multiple User editing

When more than one-person enters information into the same consultation, important information can get lost. You asked for a way to know when multiple users have the same consultation open and a way to ensure you don’t save over each other’s updates. So we added 2 multi-user editing alerts that do just that:

Prescription Management and Appointment Confirmations

In this release, we've focused on improving the visit workflow by adding the ability to easily confirm an appointment directly on your schedule as well as added new tools to help you order, manage and refill prescriptions. So you can have access to your important patient information when and where you need it. Here are the highlights:

Block Appointments

The Neo appointments tab is more than just a place to schedule patient visits, it’s an essential tool for managing your busy practice. And it just got even better!

This new feature allows you to block time on your schedule that isn’t connected to a patient visit using the same appointment workflow you already know and love. Whether it’s a staff meeting, training event, or just time for lunch, your schedule can now reflect everything that’s happening at your busy practice - providing you with a more complete view of your practice’s activities.

Appointment tab upgrade

This release is all about increasing visibility into important appointment information and simplifying key steps in your visit workflow. Here are the highlights from the Appointment tab upgrade:

Simple, accurate production pay tracking now available

Earlier this month, we introduced a new line item provider feature to Neo® Software. Assigning providers to line items on consultations, refunds, and estimates helps clinics effectively track and pay out on provider production.

Plus, we’ve made updates to the consultation history, including the distinction between counter sales and consultations. This will make it easier to view and access key patient histories.

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