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Increase efficiency and confidence with sample-based testing and reliable overnight service


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Maximize cow comfort

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Test with minimal effort or training 

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Eliminate variables that impact accuracy 

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Results right in your farm management software


Integrated in your operation

  • Match cow ID to sample barcode ID using your farm management software and RFID.
  • Results are integrated directly in your farm management software.

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Simplified process

Test on your schedule with minimal effort or training
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1. Collect a sample.

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2. Convenient sample pickup for next-day results.

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3. Read your results.

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Maximize cow comfort

  • Reduce cow handling and stress for the animals.
  • Lower the risk of injury for employees and improve cow comfort.
  • Elevate public image.

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A growing menu of advanced diagnostic services

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"I would challenge anyone to really look at the time budget of the cow…as well as the opportunity to identify those pregnancies earlier in the gestation"

Brandon Beavers, General Manager, Full Circle Jersey, TX — 4,500 cows

How it works

Simplify your scheduling 

Save time coordinating veterinary appointments and employee schedules.

Streamline your workflow

  • Pull samples without interrupting milk production.
  • Accommodate visitors without altering your process.
  • Reduce milk losses due to extended lockup time.

Improve synchronization and performance 

  • Reduce average days in milk.
  • Reduce average days open.

Find out if IDEXX Bovine Laboratory Services is right for you

Our dedicated team will help you find the solution that is best for you, and support you through set up, integration, and as needed.

Frequently asked questions

No, IDEXX Bovine Laboratory Services works with your farm management software, or FMS. We current support VAS, PCDART, and BoviSync.

IDEXX Bovine Laboratory Services integrates with your FMS to identify samples accurately and efficently. IDEXX Bovine Laboratory Services is currently only available for operations with integrated FMS.

IDEXX Bovine Laboratory Services' procedure relies on your FMS and requires an output with the sample barcode number and animal identification for the sample you have collected that day. Depending on your FMS, the output in a file will need to be emailed or sent via your FMS’s web-based connectivity. In the case of the email, you’ll need to use cellular or internet to send a small file to IDEXX. In the case of the web-based interaction, your FMS is set up on the web anyway, so you are ready to go.

IDEXX Bovine Laboratory Services requires RFID ear tags, an ear tag reader or wand, and a handheld with ability to scan barcodes. Some phones, Android compatible, that run your FMS software can be used with a Bluetooth-enabled barcode scanner as well. Each FMS has recommendation and compatibility requirements.

We will be offering Alertys pregnancy tests for milk and blood, MAP (Johne’s) Ab, BVDV Ag, and Neospora Ab.

Yes, samples are picked up via the UPS placard system with scheduled pickups and shipped overnight to our laboratory in Louisville, Kentucky. Results will be returned to you as a PDF via email as well as integrated into your FMS.

Our bovine diagnostic and technical services consultants will schedule a time to review your needs and get you set up within a week. 

Yes, we have volume-based pricing and panels when you request disease testing with pregnancy testing or multiple diseases on one sample.

Multiple services can be performed on a single sample, if requested via your FMS. The number of services allowed per sample depends on the sample type. For example: 

Single milk sample

Alertys Milk Pregnancy, MAP Ab (Johne’s) 

Single blood sample

Alertys Blood Pregnancy, MAP Ab, BVDV Ag, Neospora Ab

Yes, if the average monthly sample volume is above 50 per week, shipping is free of charge.

Yes, all sample, barcode, and shipping supplies are provided free of charge.

Milk sample collection guide

  1. It is essential to ensure that the correct tube is used for the correct animal. Failure to do so may result in an incorrect status being assigned to the cow.
  2. Using wet wipes or towel, remove dirt and detritus from the teats. Ensure udder is clean and dry prior to starting sample collection.
  3. Samples may be collected from individual quarters or as a composite sample of all four quarters.
  4. Discard a few streams of milk and remove the cap from the tube or vial. Angle tube at 45º to the teat end.
  5. Fill the tube or vial three-quarters full from one or multiple quarters and replace the cap.
  6. Place samples in a refrigerator prior to shipping to the laboratory.
  7. Samples should be well-packaged and kept cool during shipping (especially if preservative has not been used).

Blood sample collection guide

  1. Restrain the cow; clean the underside of the cow’s tail with a paper towel.
  2. Lift the cow’s tail straight up and measure up about 2 inches (7.5 cm) from the base of the tail, staying within the groove between the two bony ridges. This is the collection site. 
  3. Insert the external needle into the underside of the tail, at the collection site, about 1/2 inch deep, keeping the needle perpendicular to the tail. 
    IMPORTANT: The external needle must be perpendicular to the tail. Do not angle the needle up, down, or to the side. 
  4. Push the tube in gently until the internal needle punctures the tube stopper. The vacuum will draw the blood into the tube. Note: If no blood appears, pull the external needle back slightly (without withdrawing it from the skin), and reinsert it in a different direction until you puncture the vein.
  5. When the tube is at least half full, withdraw the needle from the vein and remove the tube from the needle holder.
  6. Discard the needle and yellow/gray caps into a sharps container. The needle holder can be reused if undamaged.

Technical services

1-800-548-9997, option 2
  • Request a copy of sample results and answer your result questions. 
  • Check the status of a sample submission if results seem delayed. 
  • Help you integrate the IDEXX service with a new FMS, if you change software. 
  • Answer questions about available services.