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Block Appointments

The Neo appointments tab is more than just a place to schedule patient visits, it’s an essential tool for managing your busy practice. And it just got even better!

This new feature allows you to block time on your schedule that isn’t connected to a patient visit using the same appointment workflow you already know and love. Whether it’s a staff meeting, training event, or just time for lunch, your schedule can now reflect everything that’s happening at your busy practice - providing you with a more complete view of your practice’s activities.

5 things to know about Block Appointments:

  1. You can create, edit, or delete a single or recurring block.
  2. Move a single or recurring block from one room to another using cut/copy and paste.
  3. Easily identify blocks on the schedule due to their unique color.
  4. Adjust the start time, duration, or room without leaving the scheduler, using the same drag-drop functionality you use with patient visits.
  5. Block Appointments don’t appear on your dashboard under Today’s Appointments, Today’s Arrivals, or the Business Snapshot.