IDEXX PetlyTM Plans

Empower your clients to say yes to all of the care their pets need.

Petly Plans’ affordable monthly payments and automatic plan management, enable you to provide the best medicine that won’t disrupt clients’ budgets or your workflow.

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Petly Plans software makes it easy to manage your patient’s care, set up automated payment plans, and schedule the next appointment.
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A step-by-step guide to using Petly Plans in your office, including integration with your practice management software. 


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Veterinarians agree. Petly Plans works.

Better care for patients

Increased compliance and loyalty can lead to improved outcomes through proactive screening and early detection

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Simple and easy to use

Petly Plans is an easy-to-use software that fits into your everyday workflow, so any staff member can enroll pets and manage plans

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Affordable for clients

Monthly payments allow clients to budget for care over the year, rather than paying in one lump sum

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An easy yes to better care

"Having Petly Plans changes the dynamic of the visit for the client by taking that pressure off having to give them a treatment plan, having to talk about cost. These things are covered in their Petly Plan so it's just assumed that it's going to be done."

Lona Baker-Harelle, Hospital Administrator
All Friends Animal Hospital

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 IDEXX Petly Plans. Customized, automated and integrated preventive care plans.

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