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Now Neo Integrates With Greenline

Managing coupon reimbursements just got easier!

Now Neo integrates with Talkatoo

In 60 seconds you can probably type out 40 words—but you can speak nearly 200. Thanks to our friends at Talkatoo, you can dictate text into nearly any field in Neo quickly and accurately. 

Why Was Neo The Right Software For This Three-Doctor Veterinary Practice?

Brandon Animal Hospital is a three-doctor practice that’s served pets and people in Roanoke, Virginia since the 1950s. But owner Lisa Wilson, DVM, worried that her server-based practice management software was impacting revenue and client service—and feeding a perception that Brandon was behind the times.

Credit card processing for veterinary practices: integrated vs non-integrated

Whether you’re opening your first practice or you’ve served pets and their parents for over two decades, it’s hard to imagine running a successful veterinary practice without a reliable way to process credit cards. When shopping for payment processing options it can be tempting to start by comparing rates, or to just go with the vendor your friends or financial institution recommend.

Prescription management updates

Thanks to your feedback, you can now edit and void prescriptions and discontinue remaining refills in Neo - even when the consultation has been closed! Effective immediately you can: