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Why Neo Software?

Why Was Neo The Right Software For This Three-Doctor Veterinary Practice?

Brandon Animal Hospital is a three-doctor practice that’s served pets and people in Roanoke, Virginia since the 1950s. But owner Lisa Wilson, DVM, worried that her server-based practice management software was impacting revenue and client service—and feeding a perception that Brandon was behind the times.

Veterinary Staff Training: Everybody Needs It, Nobody Likes It

Perhaps now more than ever, when many veterinary teams are understaffed and overwhelmed, adding an extra pair of hands can be a lifesaver.  However, with that new hire comes the necessity for a task that no one looks forward to: training. 

An Unexpected Way to Boost Team Morale

It’s not uncommon for veterinary teams to think of themselves as a family. Families rely on each other, help one another get through rough days, celebrate victories, and have inside jokes that no one else would understand. This same bond serves as the foundation of every successful veterinary practice. Keeping that foundation strong is a top priority, and there are plenty of ways to go about it.

How to Unleash Your Veterinary Team's Hidden Talents

In every veterinary team, there are individuals who shine in different areas of the practice. There’s always that one tech who can draw blood from a stone, the receptionist who can win over even the most difficult client, and the veterinarian who can sniff out a correct diagnosis like a dog with a bone. When your team is as proficient as they are in the realm of veterinary medicine, it’s easy to forget that they also have talents outside of it (and we’re not just talking karaoke skills). 

Efficiency in a Veterinary Practice: What Does it Really Mean?

“Efficiency” is a hot topic in veterinary circles these days. And no wonder: we’ve faced unprecedented uncertainty and nonstop changes, and practitioners are hungry for ways to improve workflow that will benefit their teams, clients, patients—or all three. This got us thinking... what does efficiency really mean in a veterinary practice?