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Turnaround times—Results delivery at a glance

(chemistry, CBC, coagulation, urinalysis, total T4)

Pickup time Results delivery
Morning 6:00 p.m. same day
Afternoon/evening 8:00 a.m. next morning

(Lab 4Dx Plus Test, heartworm antigen, FIV, and FeLV ELISAs)

Pickup time Results delivery
All times 8:00 a.m. next morning

(Giardia, hookworm, roundworm, and whipworm antigens)

Pickup time Results delivery
All times 8:00 a.m. next morning
Pickup time Results delivery
All times 8:00 a.m. next morning
Pickup time Results delivery
All times

3–5 working days (Standard)
1–2 working days (Priority)

Test name Test components Receive results
Large/Complex/Whole Organ Biopsy

Evaluation of whole organs (with or without bone) or large and complex biopsies. Specimen examples include entire spleen, heart, brain; complex mammary chain; bone biopsies (excluding core needle or punch biopsies <5 mm); amputated digits or limbs; amputated jaw.

5–14 days, depending on need for additional fixation or decalcification


Note: Specimens, including teeth, may take up to 21 days due to need for decalcification.

Priority Biopsy

1 Site/Lesion

1–3 days
Standard Biopsy

1 Site/Lesion

3–5 days

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†All times are local to the submitting practice. Results delivery is based on working days (Monday–Friday). For IDEXX-Direct service (FedEx), times are central time. Specimens submitted for routine tests on Saturday using the IDEXX-Direct service will have results delivered on Monday. Specimens submitted for routine tests using a Saturday courier service will receive next-day results.

‡Cytology priority requests submitted on Friday are reported on Monday.

Note: There may be times when weather or operational considerations cause delays in providing test results. When this happens, we will inform you as quickly as possible with the most complete information available.

PCR testing is a service performed pursuant to an agreement with Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.