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We’re here for you every step of the way—from installation and training to medical consultations on your tough cases and future upgrades to keep your practice current.

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Documents & other resources

View a complete library of all IDEXX veterinary documents and resources for every product and service, or access material safety data sheets ([M]SDS).

Directory of Tests & Services

Browse the online Directory of Tests and Services to see a comprehensive list of offerings from IDEXX Reference Laboratories.

IDEXX Test Promise

If an IDEXX test does not perform as promised, just call us and we’ll credit your IDEXX Points account with 100% of the test’s value.

IDEXX Points

Earn valuable points that boost your buying power and invest in your practice.

Order tests & supplies

Learn more about ordering direct from IDEXX and order your in-house tests and supplies today.

Billing & invoicing support

Access your practice’s invoices and statements 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Expired Veterinary Product Policy

We promise hassle-free credit for unopened, expired veterinary products—as long as they were ordered direct from IDEXX—in the form of a discount on the replacement product OR IDEXX Points at IDEXX discretion.*


A diagnostic partnership that revolves around you and your patients. Learn more.

IDEXXCare Plus

Help when and before you need it

IDEXXCare Plus goes beyond the call for help. Our commitment is to do our best to prevent trouble from arising in the first place. So you can concentrate on what matters most: the health of your patients.

Learn more about IDEXXCare Plus and how your practice benefits.

Cornerstone resources

Cornerstone Coach

Engage when and how your schedule and work style allow with targeted, flexible educational solutions.

Cornerstone resources

Access Cornerstone Practice Management Software quick reference guides, highlights, manuals and more.

*Credit available for unopened tests in the form of a discount on a replacement order or as IDEXX Points credited to your account, at IDEXX discretion.