ImageVue DR30 Digital Imaging System

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Introducing superior veterinary diagnostic image quality, at an incredible value, with a low dose of radiation.1

CR comparison image

compared to

ImageVue DR30 Example Result

Computed radiography (CR) image settings:
75 kVp and 60 mAs = 246.3 mR

ImageVue DR30 image settings: 
76 kVp and 4.5 mAs = 18.6 mR

Top Computed radiography (CR) image settings:
75 kVp and 60 mAs = 246.3 mR

Bottom ImageVue DR30 image settings: 
76 kVp and 4.5 mAs = 18.6 mR

Images from the same animal captured on the same table within a 24-hour period, as part of the ImageVue DR30 beta program.

Superior diagnostic image quality, enabled by TRUVIEW ART technology and ClearCapture Dx Image Processing Software, delivers higher image contrast and sharpness than computed radiography (CR), less advanced DR technology, and film.2,3

Reduces radiation dose by 25% or more compared to CR and less-advanced DR technology2—important for staff and patients.1–3

3-step workflow makes image capture quick and easy.

70% faster than CR technology, from order to review of image for diagnosis.3

The ImageVue DR30 system has greatly improved my practice. We can do so much more with the DR30 in less time than our previous system. The image quality is stunning which allows me to quickly and easily see the details to make an accurate diagnosis. And I love the added benefit of reduced radiation dose for my staff.
Dr. Jenny Fuller, Owner
Gaylord Veterinary Hospital
Gaylord, MI

Get sharper, faster images more safely

TRUVIEW ART technology focuses the signal area created by cesium crystals when radiation is transformed into light. Focusing the signal with TRUVIEW ART increases image contrast and sharpness without increasing the radiation dose.

3-step workflow makes image capture quick and easy

the image
the patient
the x-ray
Veterinarians using IDEXX Web PACS on a tablet

Optimal sharing, consulting, and image storage

Our fully integrated IDEXX Web PACS software platform includes veterinary-specific diagnostic imaging tools and features.

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Detector type Cesium iodide tethered flat-panel detector with TRUVIEW ART technology
Detector acquisition Lossless automatic exposure detection (AED)
Detecting area 14″ x 17″ (358 mm x 430 mm); 0.6" (15 mm) thin
Image resolution 2,560 x 3,072 pixels
Pixel size 140 µm x 140 µm
Bit depth 16 bits/pixel
Image acquisition Less than 5 seconds
Detector weight 7.7 pounds
Software ClearCapture Dx Image Processing Software, IDEXX-PACS Imaging Software, and IDEXX Web PACS Software—developed specifically for the veterinary market in collaboration with board-certified radiologists
X-ray system Works with most existing x-ray systems/generators
Surface protection IP53 rating for water and dust/dander resistance
Warranty 1-year full-system warranty (with certain exceptions) as outlined in One IDEXX Master Terms and Schedules. Backed by IDEXX 24/7/365 customer support; IDEXXCare Plus plans available.

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TRUVIEW is a trademark of DRTECH Corporation.

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