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Get your diagnostic results and clinical insights all in one place.
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Get a holistic view of your patient's diagnostic results.

  • Instantly compare diagnostic results from IDEXX in-house analyzers and IDEXX Reference Laboratories.
  • Spot trends and abnormalities, and evaluate patients' historical results with easy-to-use analyte graphs.
  • Spend less time interpreting results and researching next steps with IDEXX DecisionIQ embedded in VetConnect PLUS.
  • Standardize communications to pet owners with client-friendly summaries to explain normal preventive care screenings.
  • Skip the wait for a workstation and access patient diagnostics with the VetConnect PLUS Mobile app.


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The diagnostic sidekick that never sleeps.

IDEXX DecisionIQ helps you make earlier and more informed decisions by presenting patient-specific interpretive assistance and next-step considerations alongside results.

Screenshot of IDEXX DecisionIQ 4Dx plus in Vetconnect Plus.
  • Leverages machine learning and patient-specific data to spot subtle patterns in routine testing to support detection of current or developing conditions.
  • References years of patient-specific medical information across in-house and reference lab results, digital images, and clinician input.
  • Instantly draws on collective veterinary knowledge, including industry-accepted truths, peer-reviewed publications, textbooks, and over 40 years of IDEXX research and data.
  • Quickly summarizes pertinent information with clear interpretive assistance and next-step considerations in VetConnect PLUS.


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VetConnect PLUS mobile app

The results you need, anywhere you need them.

No more waiting for workstations. The VetConnect PLUS mobile app gives you access to complete IDEXX patient diagnostics for viewing and interpretation, along with customizable results notifications.


Customize result notifications to your mobile device with My Diagnostics.


Optimized view for mobile devices provides simple navigation without losing your favorite features such as trending graphs, lab status, differential diagnoses and IDEXX DecisionIQ.

Easy-to-read views of pathology and cytology reports, with images when available.


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Intuitive features to support efficient clinical decision-making

Automatic trending

Save time with easy-to-interpret trending graphs that normalize across modalities for effortless comparison.

Intuitive homepage view

An at-a-glance view of pending and recent diagnostics helps you keep track of what's happening across the practice. Search and filter results to find exactly what you're looking for.

Directory of Services

Access the up-to-date directory right from your home screen to find test mixes, specimen requirements, etc.


Discover next-step guidance and interpretation from the latest industry protocols, research, and publications compiled by board-certified IDEXX medical specialists.

Client-friendly summaries

Use client-friendly summaries to explain normal preventive care screenings and reinforce the value of preventive screening and care.

Diagnostic results sharing

A full diagnostic view can be easily shared with referral practices, specialists, and clients.


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1-800-248-2483, available 24/7.

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