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now with IDEXX DecisionIQ

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  • Gain a holistic view of all IDEXX diagnostics for every patient.
  • Spot trends and abnormalities, evaluating patients’ historical results with easy-to-use analyte graphs.
  • Interpret results and determine next steps with differential diagnoses and expert guidance.
  • Send personalized client-friendly result summaries directly from the app.
  • View real-time test order status for every patient—anytime, anywhere.


IDEXX DecisionIQ makes the connections. You make the call.

Our data intelligence technology can help you give the best possible care while keeping pace with your practice. Learn how.

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Powerful yet easy to use

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Access differential diagnoses to help interpret patient results

Click to view guidance from the latest industry protocols, research, and publications compiled by board-certified IDEXX medical affairs specialists. Learn more.


Share diagnostic results with referral practices, specialists, and clients

Save valuable time by sending key findings with point-and-click ease.


Add tests to orders

See how simple and fast it is to order additional tests within VetConnect PLUS instead of calling.


Spot trends and abnormalities

Compare results over time with graphical views of a patient’s complete diagnostic history


Test order status

Easily confirm that your order was received and know when to expect results.


Manage cases on the go
with the mobile app

Access test status, graphs and trends, and differential diagnoses 24/7

The diagnostic sidekick that never sleeps.

IDEXX DecisionIQ helps you make earlier and more informed decisions by presenting patient-specific interpretive assistance and next-step considerations alongside your results.

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  • Leverages machine learning and patient-specific data to spot subtle patterns in routine testing so you can detect current or developing conditions.
  • References years of patient-specific medical information across all modalities—in-house, reference lab results, digital images, and clinician input.
  • Instantly draws on collective veterinary knowledge, including industry-accepted truths, peer-reviewed publications, textbooks, and over 40 years of IDEXX research and data.
  • Quickly summarized pertinent information to offer clear interpretive assistance and next-step considerations in VetConnect PLUS.

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VetConnect PLUS mobile app

Now with advanced features, designed to move your practice forward

3 VetConnect PLUS mobile app screens: reports view, My Diagnostics, and pathology/cytology report

Upgraded experience

We simplified navigation and made it easier to use graphs, trends, and differential diagnoses.

VetConnect PLUS mobile app My Diagnostics screen.

Better personalization

Get greater access to both filtered and unfiltered diagnostics lists. All with the same great notifications.

VetConnect PLUS mobile app pathology/cytology report

Enhanced views

Save time with easier-to-read pathology and cytology reports.

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