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Analyzers & SNAP tests


IDEXX Reference Laboratories


Laboratory results are available at

Free nationwide FedEx service with IDEXX-Direct service

IDEXX Diagnostic Imaging


IDEXX Telemedicine Consultants


Invoice Questions: 1-800-814-1147

Fax ECG Transmission: 1-888-357-0321


Diagnostic Information Management

VetConnect PLUS: 1-888-433-9987


Software & Services

Cornerstone software and hardware: 1-800-695-2877

Practice Solutions: 1-888-224-4408

IDEXX Pet Health Network Pro: 1-855-627-6570

rVetLink Referral Management Solution: 1-877-690-8994

ezyVet: 1-844-439-9838

IDEXX Business Support

Questions about your order?

If you need information or have questions about your order for in-house tests and supplies, call us at 1-888-79-IDEXX.

Questions about your billing statement?

If you have questions about invoices or monthly billing statements, please refer to the sample invoice, sample statement and frequently asked questions, or call us at 1-800-814-1147.