IDEXX-QC kits vial.


Positive and negative culture controls for IDEXX reagents

  • Use traceable strains derived from ATCC™1 or NCTC2 reference cultures.
  • Rely on a single source for all your water testing needs.
  • Simplify your workflow with 3 easy steps: thaw, dissolve, and mix.
  • Pair IDEXX-QC kits with proficiency testing services using the same format.

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Refresh your approach to positive and negative culture controls with IDEXX-QC


Meets requirements of the EPA, Standard Methods, TNI, and state agencies.*


Delivered as kits with all strains required to QC IDEXX reagents.


Quantified for use during demonstrations of capability.


All materials are ISO 17034:2016 certified.

Proficiency testing services

IDEXX Partners with NSI Lab Solutions to provide a full line of proficiency testing services for water microbiology and water chemistry in North America.
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How to use IDEXX-QC kits

IDEXX-QC kit box and timer.
Step 1

Remove only the necessary vial(s) from freezer. Equilibrate at room temperature for 15 minutes.

Transferring an IDEXX-QC kit pellet to a labeled vessel.
Step 2

Open vial and aseptically transfer the pellet to an appropriately labeled vessel containing 100 mL of room temperature sterile water.

Swirling the sample.
Step 3

Swirl the sample and allow to stand for up to 5 minutes. The pellet should completely dissolve. After it is dissolved, mix by inverting the vessel 10 times.

For QC of Quantification Methods

Refer to the acceptance range for each organism on the Certificate of Analysis. The IDEXX-QC kit lot can be found on the box label.


A complete suite of microbiology QC kits

IDEXX-QC Kit for Coliform and E. coli.
IDEXX-QC Coliform and E. coli Kit
  • Contains 3 E. coli, 3 K. variicola, 3 P. aeruginosa.
  • For use with Colilert, Colilert-18, and Colisure tests.
  • Catalog number: WQC-TCEC
  • Part number: 98-29000-01
IDEXX-QC Fecal Coliform Kit
  • Contains 3 E. coli, 3 P. aeruginosa.
  • For use with the Colilert-18 Test.
  • Catalog number: WQC-FC
  • Part number: 98-29001-01
IDEXX-QC Enterococci Kit
  • Contains 3 E. faecalis, 3 E.coli, 3 S. bovis.
  • For use with Enterolert and Enterolert-E tests.
  • Catalog number: WQC-ENT
  • Part number: 98-29002-01
IDEXX-QC Legionella pneumophila Kit
  • Contains 3 L. pneumophila, 3 E. faecalis.
  • For use with the Legiolert Test.
  • Catalog number: WQC-LP
  • Part number: 98-0009287-01
IDEXX-QC Pseudomonas aeruginosa Kit
  • Contains 3 P. aeruginosa, 3 E. coli, 3 P. fluorescens.
  • For use with the Pseudalert Test.
  • Catalog number: WQC-PSE
  • Part number: 98-29004-01
IDEXX-QC Enterococci Drinking Water Kit
  • Contains 3 E. faecalis, 3 E. coli.
  • For use with the Enterolert-DW Test.
  • Catalog number: WQC-ENTDW
  • Part number: 98-29003-02
  • Contains 3 E. faecalis.
  • For use with EasyDisc tests, SimPlate for HPC, and HPC for Quanti-Tray.
  • Catalog number: WQC-HPC
  • Part number: 98-29006-01
IDEXX-QC E. coli Kit
  • Contains 9 E. coli.
  • For use with Colilert, Colilert-18, and Colisure tests.
  • Catalog number: WQC-EC
  • Part number: 98-29007-01

Frequently asked questions

Yes, laboratories around the world utilize IDEXX-QC to meet QC requirements such as those outlined in the EPA Manual for the Certification of Laboratories Analyzing Drinking Water, Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater Section 9020, and TNI Standards. All laboratories should work with their regulators and/or certification or accrediting bodies to ensure the relevant standards are met.

All IDEXX-QC kits are ISO 17034:2016 certified and are manufactured in a facility with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 17025:2017 accreditation.

All IDEXX-QC kits are derived from ATCCTM, 1,   or NCTC2  strains within 2 passages. Please reference the certificate of analysis for information on the strains contained in each kit. 

Yes, IDEXX-QC kits can be used to QC IDEXX media in a Quanti-Tray. Furthermore, all IDEXX-QC products come with a target MPN value and an acceptable range to evaluate quantitative performance.

Dispose of all IDEXX-QC kits according to your local regulations.

Yes, IDEXX-QC kits are traceable and are provided by an approved vendor.

Refer to the acceptance range for each organism on the certificate of analysis. The IDEXX-QC kit lot can be found on the box label.

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  1. ATCC is a registered trademark owned by the American Type Culture Collection. American Type Culture Collection 1-800-638-6597
  2. National Collection of Type Cultures