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MyIDEXX gives you easy access to more tools and information to manage your business

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  • Track the status of your programs. IDEXX 360, IDEXX Points, and IDEXX Preventive Care Simple Start.
  • View practice-specific information. View your billing, pricing updates, and program reports.
  • Securely manage your staff’s access. Limit access to sensitive business information.

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MYIDEXX administrator dashboard shown on a monitor
MYIDEXX administrator dashboard showing the Manage Users page

Designate a business administrator to access even more, even faster

  • Manage users: Easily manage staff access to your IDEXX online services.
  • Manage business: View key practice information like billing statements, pricing information, and documents for the IDEXX instruments you own.
  • Email notifications: Receive email notifications when staff access to your IDEXX online services changes.

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Frequently asked questions

MyIDEXX is your IDEXX online account. Simply sign in once to access IDEXX online services, including IDEXX Online Orders, the IDEXX Learning Center, and most recently, IDEXX Points and other programs. MyIDEXX is a convenient and secure way to order products, manage your training history, track your IDEXX 360 progress, and manage billing statements. Because your account includes your personal profile and your business affiliation, you can readily access your educational history and CE credits and find troubleshooting guides for the IDEXX analyzers your business owns.

Once you sign in, you’ll see the MyIDEXX dashboard. From there, you can navigate quickly and easily between IDEXX Online Orders, the IDEXX Learning Center, and other relevant IDEXX programs in which your business participates (e.g., IDEXX Points and IDEXX 360). You can also review monthly billing or annual pricing as well as documents and resources specific to your practice’s instruments.

If you’re a business administrator for your practice, you can access IDEXX Points and track other programs in which your practice participates, right from the MyIDEXX dashboard. This saves time and improves the security and convenience of your online experience. Note: If you believe you need access, please contact your business administrator or IDEXX for assistance.

Not yet. Continue to use your current VetConnect PLUS sign-in credentials until further notice. We are working on including this service in the future and will let you know when that's complete.

Assigning a business administrator is another way to increase security for your business and access secure business information from IDEXX. Administrators can view information like billing, pricing, IDEXX 360, IDEXX Points, and other programs in which your business participates. Administrators can select which staff have access to IDEXX Online Orders, monthly billing, and annual pricing. Administrators will also receive notifications any time the settings for staff access are changed. This ensures that access to ordering and billing information remains secure and is limited to only those who need to it.

If you need administrator access for your business, please contact your current business administrator or contact us. You can also make yourself an administrator by selecting Add/Remove business under Personal/My profile on your MyIDEXX dashboard and following the steps to verify.

Everyone in your practice/business is busy, and chances are you all have unique needs. Personal profiles help your business administrator securely manage access to IDEXX services for all staff members. This ensures that ordering and billing information is limited to those that need it; and everyone has access to their own continuing education credits.

You can find your account number on any statement or invoice from IDEXX. Here is an example of where the account number is located on paperwork. Your account number is also displayed next to the name of your veterinary practice/business on the MyIDEXX dashboard.

Find your IDEXX account number

Your business relationship helps us provide you with secure access to relevant IDEXX services, including programs your account may participate in, contact information for your IDEXX account representative, and documents related to analyzers your business owns.

Using your email address is a secure way to manage your sign-in credentials. Only you have access to your email account and preferences, so if you ever forget your sign-in credentials, it’s easy to fix. Simply select I forgot my passphrase on the sign-in screen and enter your email address. Then follow the process by clicking the link in your email and creating a new passphrase.

Depending on the email preferences you’ve set up, you may receive emails related to your IDEXX online orders, courses available at the IDEXX Learning Center, or news about new IDEXX products and promotions. Every email you receive gives you the option to update your email preferences or to unsubscribe. See our privacy policy for more information.

A passphrase is like a password, but it's more secure. Your passphrase can be anything you want it to be as long as it has at least 12 characters, including spaces. Create a passphrase that's personal to you and easy for you to remember. It could be a simple phrase like this: My Dog Has White Paws.

Need help becoming an administrator? Contact your representative.
Phone: 1-888-79-IDEXX