xChek software

Experience a new era in diagnostic solutions.

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Elevate your diagnostic performance with IDEXX xChek software

xChek Lab software

This innovative software delivers efficiency and performance with multi-user support, modern system integration capabilities, and superior performance for data quality and results you can trust.

xChek Vet software

This cloud-based tool delivers the ability to consolidate results from multiple laboratories. Now you can share data anytime, anywhere, on a single platform.

xChek tech support

Count on IDEXX veterinary expertise for a smooth onboarding and ongoing best-in-class support so your team can test with confidence.

Get modern solutions for today's laboratory software needs with xChek Lab

An innovative diagnostic application, xChek Lab software provides you with multi-user technology, species and assay customization, and an improved workflow to deliver fast and accurate results you can trust.

  • Multi-user technology, collaboration, and support
  • Modern laboratory information management system (LIMS) integration
  • Streamlined workflow for greater efficiency
  • Flexible data import/export capabilities
  • Easy upload to xChek Vet

Modern look and feel

User-friendly design. Streamlined template and results processing.

Performance and accuracy

Powerful, centralized, database with multi-user support. Accurate, reliable, and repeatable results.

Experience a new tool in veterinary lab diagnostics with xChek Vet software

A cloud-based diagnostic results tool, xChek Vet software is your go-to diagnostic resource for fast, effective data analysis, collaboration, and decision-making for better flock and herd health monitoring.

  • Access results anytime, anywhere
  • Consolidate results from multiple labs, all in one place
  • Share data and results across an organization
  • Collaborate with industry colleagues to monitor trends on a single platform

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