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Tech tip: 16 function and keyboard shortcuts to refresh your Cornerstone I.Q.

Remember when you first installed Cornerstone and took your onboarding training? Taking all that in is a bit of a mental overload, and often the extra tips and tricks that come up during the training escape ones memory banks. Team member changes and Cornerstone updates can further bury these valuable tidbits. Here’s a refresher on 16 function and keyboard shortcuts that can save you and your team valuable time—and an exciting announcement about new online Core Workflow training that can help you get your new teammates up and running with Cornerstone!

End of Year

If the last days of 2020 rushed by in a blur and end-of-year processing slipped through the cracks, don’t worry: we’ve got you covered with simple instructions on how to wrap up your business numbers for the previous year. Get the most from your reporting by following these end-of-year tips and resources to help you close out your year successfully!

Lab Pricing

Price changes for IDEXX Reference Laboratories tests go into effect January 1, 2023. Here are some tips to review and update your lab fees efficiently!

Let Cornerstone update your IDEXX Reference Laboratories pricing for you

Cornerstone automatically updates the IDEXX Reference Laboratories Directory of Services daily so you have access to all available diagnostics. Additionally, Cornerstone can also update your laboratory pricing for you too! Here’s how to set that up—including an option that can update pricing based on your unique IDEXX Reference Laboratories invoice pricing (US practices only on CS 9.2 and higher).

It’s all in the diagnosis

Whether you are an AAHA accredited practice, an electronic medical records aficionado or a chartless practice delivering curbside appointments, the patient diagnosis is a vital, even required, part of your medical record. Using the Cornerstone Patient Diagnosis function, you can improve client communications, follow up with patients, and measure success of practice protocols.