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Tip of the month: 3 ways to set your practice up for success in 2017

Now that 2016 end-of-year reporting is behind us, its a good time to get started on some recommended tasks that can set your practice up for success in 2017. Here are 3 things you can do right now:

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Cornerstone User Conference Roadshow classes during NAVC

The Cornerstone User Conference Roadshow is coming to the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, with classes for intermediate and advanced users. Register for one, two or all three. Each class is a unique opportunity to learn tips and tricks from Cornerstone Software expert Michelle Campoli, CVT, CVPM. As well as network with other users and have fun!

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Cornerstone End of Year FAQs

For many of us, the end of December means end of year processing. While attending to both personal and practice needs, end of year often becomes a scramble and some of the details can slip past us. To lend a helping hand, here are some EOY FAQs to help you stay on track.

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Welcome to the new Cornerstone website

Introducing your one-stop shop for all things Cornerstone

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Request Cornerstone 8.5 NEXT now

Please provide the information below. Once we receive your request, we’ll contact you to let you know when Cornerstone 8.5 NEXT has been downloaded to your server.

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