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Let Cornerstone update your IDEXX Reference Laboratories pricing for you

Cornerstone automatically updates the IDEXX Reference Laboratories Directory of Services daily so you have access to all available diagnostics. Additionally, Cornerstone can also update your laboratory pricing for you too! Here’s how to set that up—including an option that can update pricing based on your unique IDEXX Reference Laboratories invoice pricing (US practices only on CS 9.2 and higher).

After receiving your 2023 IDEXX Reference Laboratories pricing, you’ll most likely want to review and modify your reference lab invoice items accordingly.

In Cornerstone 9.2, we added the option for you to calculate your client lab fees based on your lab invoice price. To change how your default lab markup is calculated, go to Activities > Lab Work > Laboratories > Select IDEXX from the Lab List.

Cornerstone lab info screenshot.

Note: this is for US practices only at this time.

To review and update prices you have two options to work with your IDEXX Reference Laboratories items en masse: Update IDEXX Lab Item Prices tool or the Mass Markup.

  Update IDEXX Lab Item Prices Mass Markup
Pathway Activities > Lab Work > Update IDEXX Lab Item Prices Tools > Mass Markup
Exclusive use required No Yes
Security access required Yes Yes
Uses default markup % from lab preferences  Yes No
Can adjust markup % Yes Yes
Can adjust markup by $ No Yes
Can apply a minimum amount No Yes
Can round prices No Yes
Displays Lab price (list or invoice) Yes No
Displays Current price Yes Yes
Displays New Price (calculated) before committing  Yes Yes
Displays all Lab items Yes
(view all or hide rows with no price change)
(based on class, subclass selections)
Can sort by Item description or ID Yes Yes


Update Lab Item Prices tool sorted by description
Cornerstone lab price update screenshot.

Mass Markup tool filtered for IDEXX Reference Laboratories items
Cornerstone lab mass markup screenshot.

From either window, make sure to press F1 for more details and information! You can also access the IDEXX Reference Laboratories Setup Guide.

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Michelle Campoli, CVT, CVPM

Michelle Campoli, CVT, CVPM

Michelle Campoli loves teaching people how they can do more with Cornerstone. When she’s not sharing her favorite tips and tricks in one of our Cornerstone user group meetings, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband, cat, and retired greyhounds; playing in her kitchen and volunteering for her local greyhound adoption group.