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Tech tip: 16 function and keyboard shortcuts to refresh your Cornerstone I.Q.

Remember when you first installed Cornerstone and took your onboarding training? Taking all that in is a bit of a mental overload, and often the extra tips and tricks that come up during the training escape ones memory banks. Team member changes and Cornerstone updates can further bury these valuable tidbits. Here’s a refresher on 16 function and keyboard shortcuts that can save you and your team valuable time—and an exciting announcement about new online Core Workflow training that can help you get your new teammates up and running with Cornerstone!

The F keys

F1 Help Window context sensitive
Updated every release
F2 Lookup Opens corresponding list in any ID filed (staff, item, document diagnosis, etc.)
F3 Census List Variety of views and sort options for patients checked into the practice
Use over a blank clipboard to open for a selected patient
F7 / F8 List Navigation  Use to find recently accessed Clients/patients at workstation
F7 backwards and F8 forwards through the lists
Default set to 10 records 
Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Client 
Controls > Defaults > Practice and Workstation > Patient

Keyboard shortcuts

Did you know common Windows commands work in Cornerstone too?

Text-related commands

Ctrl + A Selects all text
Ctrl + C Copies highlighted text
Ctrl + V Pastes text from Ctrl-C
Ctrl + X Cuts highlighted text
Ctrl + Z Undo/redo last highlighted text action

Screen actions

Ctrl + Enter Moves cursor to next line within a text box
Appointment notes, prescription instructions, callback notes, etc.
Ctrl + D Delete selected item
Ctrl + L Closes open windows and presents login window for next user
Ctrl + N Starts new invoice/estimate in invoice/estimate number field
Tab/Shift + tab Mover cursor to next / previous field

Access these tips in a quick guide format:

Cornerstone basics

Another trick for you: did you know you can also navigate Cornerstone using hot keys, and that there are hot keys on the Schedule for Today window? 

Cornerstone auto hotkeys.

To have available hotkeys display, update the keyboard Ease of Access settings:

Cornerstone keyboard setting.

Below you can see how the setting changes the menus and select windows:

Cornerstone pre-setting.


Cornerstone post setting.


Note: when using hotkeys on the scheduler such as S for Schedule, B for Block, etc., make sure you select the appropriate slot first as this becomes the start time and cannot be changed in the New Appointment or Block windows.

Workflow tip: After selecting the scheduler slot, a right click provides a menu of related actions for you since your hand is already on the mouse!

New team members? Check out the newly updated Cornerstone Core Workflow training course on the IDEXX Learning Center!  (IDEXX Learning Center login required)

Michelle Campoli, CVT, CVPM

Michelle Campoli, CVT, CVPM

Michelle Campoli loves teaching people how they can do more with Cornerstone. When she’s not sharing her favorite tips and tricks in one of our Cornerstone user group meetings, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband, cat, and retired greyhounds; playing in her kitchen and volunteering for her local greyhound adoption group.