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Tip of the month: Client and patient classifications

Classifications are a great way to organize your clients and patients within Cornerstone. Perfect for defining client/patient “types”, setting alerts, building reports, and sending client communications. Getting started is easy:

Go to Controls > Classifications > Client

Record attendance at NAVC, WVC and AAHA Cornerstone Roadshows!

Here’s a shout-out to everyone who joined us for Cornerstone Roadshow courses at NAVC, WVC and AAHA. Attendance topped 220, and we’ll award 687 CE credits!

Tip of the month: click with confidence

Here are 7 click tips in Cornerstone that can save you time, ensure accuracy, and help you work more efficiently. And for the happy clickers out there (you know who you are), keep Cornerstone focused on the task at hand.

Tip of the month: Be ready for National Heartworm Awareness Month

Use departing instructions and medical reminders to reinforce the importance of Heartworm testing and preventive medication. Here’s how you can set these up in minutes:

Tip of the Month: Getting the most out of your lab results images

Lab results can be accessed within Cornerstone 8.3 and 8.4 NEXT from the Patient Clipboard Lab tab or from the Daily Planner Diagnostic tab by double clicking the lab report. Then simply select an image and click to enlarge: