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Sample preparation protocols

Preparing a sample with a pipette

  1. Slowly and carefully invert the container 10 times.
  2. IMMEDIATELY after inversion, aspirate 165 µL from the bottom third of the sample using the SediVue Pipette. 
  3. Place the pipette tip into the cartridge fill port and slowly and evenly dispense the sample. The sample should fill to the first curve of the overfill chamber. 

Preparing a sample with a syringe

  1. Remove the needle and replace with a new SediVue Syringe Tip.  
  2. Add approximately 0.5 cc of air to the syringe, and then slowly invert the syringe 10 times, ensuring the urine is mixed thoroughly. 
  3. IMMEDIATELY after inversion, purge all the air from the syringe and inject 165 µL of urine into the cartridge fill port. The sample should fill to the first curve of the overfill chamber.

How to prepare a dilution


Follow this simple workflow to prepare diluted samples using a pipette. For more detailed instructions, view this guide:

Dilution guide

How to confirm bacteria


If run within 24 hours of original sample, the SediVue Bacteria Confirmation Kit is at no charge. For detailed instructions, view this guide:

SediVue Bacteria Confirmation Kit Quick Reference Guide

Dry prep


With just a little bit of practice, you can do a dry prep in 3–5 minutes.

Dry prep basics

When? A dry prep should only be considered when you are unable to visually confirm absence or presence and:

  • The patient has clinical signs or previous history.
  • There are other supporting results in the sample (e.g., white blood cells, red blood cells).
  • The SediVue Bacteria Confirmation Kit is inconclusive (very rare).

Why? A dry prep (air-dried, stained cytological slide) is a quick, effective way to:

  • Validate the absence or presence of bacteria.
  • Distinguish bacteria from amorphous or crystalline debris.

Bacteria results guide

Change the cartridge sleeve


How to change the cartridge sleeve

  1. Tap Replace Cartridges when prompted.
  2. Remove the new cartridge sleeve from the box, scan the barcode on the plastic wrap, and then tap Continue.  
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to remove the empty sleeve and install the new sleeve.
  4. Tap OK to confirm that the installation is complete. 


Important: Do not remove the tape from the new sleeve until it is firmly locked into place with the text facing you. If cartridges are inadvertently dropped on the floor, discard them and call 1-888-79-IDEXX to update your inventory.

How to order SediVue supplies

Cleaning and quality control


Clean monthly to maintain optimal performance

Excess sample from cartridges filled incorrectly or overfilled can contaminate moving parts within the analyzer. Maintaining a clean analyzer will reduce “cartridge movement” errors and maximize the analyzer’s performance. 

Cleaning your analyzer

Analyzer Maintenance Log

Get answers to common questions for sample preparation, and quality control and maintenance.


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