urine sediment analysis

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Urine Sediment Resource Center

Learn how to use the SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer, review results, and add urine sediment analysis to your protocols

Why “healthy” patients need a complete urinalysis

Results of a large, prospective study of dogs and cats across all age groups strongly support including a complete urinalysis as part of the minimum diagnostic database.

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Running urine is easy

Guidance about sample collection, dry prep, sample dilutions, cleaning, and maintenance for your SediVue Dx analyzer.

Asking for a urine sample


How to prepare a sample


How to confirm bacteria

Tools for implementation

Need help getting your practice set up to add urine to your protocols? 

Use our practice management resources to quick-start adding urine sediment analysis to your protocols and procedures.

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A veterinarian’s guide to evaluating results

70 high-resolution digital images with each sample run

The analyzer evaluates 45 high-power fields images to provide quantitative and semiquantitative results within specific categories of concentration.

How to understand SediVue Dx analyzer results


SediVue Dx support

Read FAQs and product how-to resources to help troubleshoot and get the most out of your SediVue Dx analyzer.

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Training courses

Take complimentary courses on SediVue Dx analyzer operation and urinalysis. Get video tutorials on daily protocols and procedures.

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