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Why Neo Software?

3 ways Neo veterinary software can give time back to busy veterinary teams

With the boom in pet adoptions, is your veterinary team busier than ever before? Then catch your breath, and we’ll share 3 ways Neo cloud-based veterinary software can give time and some much-needed relief back to you and your busy veterinary team.

Why was Neo the best veterinary practice management software for this startup?

When Paul Camillo began planning Your Pet’s Vets in 2019, he imagined a one-of-a-kind practice offering amazing service and patient care and growing that to 30 locations by 2026. 

Let Neo automatically calculate and track finance charges for you

We’ve given the Neo treatment to aging client balances and automatically calculating client finance charges. To take advantage of some of these time-and-error saving updates, you’ll need to opt-in to having invoices permanently close. But the choice is yours! Here are some highlights: