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Let Neo automatically calculate and track finance charges for you

We’ve given the Neo treatment to aging client balances and automatically calculating client finance charges. To take advantage of some of these time-and-error saving updates, you’ll need to opt-in to having invoices permanently close. But the choice is yours! Here are some highlights:

  • For all users, if a client has a consultation in draft status, a helpful banner now appears at the top of that client’s page, as well as their pet’s. And the invoice date on the Financial Activity tab is now the invoice close date, not the date when the consultation was created.
  • Users who activate aged accounts receivable can also choose the finance charge percentage that will automatically be assessed on the last day of each month on any balance 31 days or over. They can also choose to keep invoices open up to five days (though we recommend setting them to automatically close at midnight on the day). And print client statements showing aged balances at 30, 60, and 90 days.

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