DVMAX  Software

Support When you Need it!

DVMAX technical support is available through a variety of plans, with coverage ranging from 24/7 emergency support to standard business hours coverage for the typical practice.

Call 800 950 5455

Please have your DVMAX ID ready when calling Tech Support.

Access to our Well Trained Staff

No practice needs a disruption in service. A service contract means our technical support and account management staff is only a phone call away; helping to keep your practice running smoothly and efficiently.

Access to all the Latest Upgrades

A service contract makes you eligible for all the latest software updates. Our powerful Updater system provides timely and seamless online updates.

Use of all the Latest Features

DVMAX works hard to provide the most feature-rich and flexible software in the industry. We continually invest in the software to ensure DVMAX is the digital hub of your practice.

Make the most of your time with a DVMAX service contract.

Call or email one of our Account managers to discuss our current service contracts and services.

800 877 9221 Option 1

DVMAX Service Contract