DVMAX  Software

DVMAX Is Feature-Packed

Maintaining animal care records can be an arduous task and a significant drain on time and resources. DVMAX Research handles this task easily and delivers clear benefits to your facility and organization with a full range of features. Take some time to review our product features below. You can also use the menu on the right to search for features by category.

Key Program Features

Quality Animal Care
Improved quality of animal care

Web Based
DVMAX Research V3 is web-based

Range of Plateforms
Standard Client to the web-based V3

Latest Technologies
Dedicated applications for iPad

Animal Records
Easy access to all animal records


Single Sign On
Secure Authentication with DVMAX SSO

Multiple User Access
Allow Multiple Users Access to records

Exchange information with other facility systems

Medical Records

Record Keeping
Detailed and accurate record keeping

Eliminate the need to type

Treatment Plans
Ensure required animal treatments are not missed!

Optional Alerts on records, or related to-dos

Time Stamped
All entries are date, time and user stamped

Manage records by displaying only those needed