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DVMAX Testimonials

Satisfied User

Ms. Gail Veenema

VT-NH Veterinary Clinic, Inc.

"We are glad we chose DVMAX to meet our software needs".

We have used DVMAX software since September of 2002 (we spent 2 years in the selection process for software). The initial training provided was excellent and the support since that time has been excellent as well! (They all speak English--unlike Quick Books) Once we switched over to "paperless" (electronic) medical records, the 2 day staff training was very helpful for making the transition. Over the years, we have made good use of the support staff and they are exceptional (especially- John, Glenn, Amy, and Deena!!). They carefully talk you through the solution and our staff are always treated patiently and with respect (they do not feel stupid when they do not understand something). When we lost 4 days of information due to corrupted data, everyone was so helpful and most of the data was recovered. Recently, the call back times have taken longer (increased volume?) and the call back time is often less than quoted. Since one of our goals at the clinic is excellent customer service, we recognize the service by your support as excellent almost 100% of the time. We are glad we chose DVMAX to meet our software needs.

Satisfied User

Jennifer, Office Manager

Somers Animal Hospital.

"Our overall opinion of DVMAX is complete satisfaction".

We chose DVMAX 4 years ago after extensively researching many veterinary Software companies. The program balances a user friendly system with vast capabilities. Their customer support consistently exceeds our expectations. Our overall opinion of DVMAX is complete satisfaction!

Satisfied User

Kevin Fallon

Mill Brook Animal Clinic

"I wouldn't change if it was FREE".

Recently there has been a steady push on for us to look into Intravet software. I told them I wouldn't change if it was FREE.

Satisfied User

Dr. Jonathan Cohen

"I am pretty much a complete DVMAX fan".

I am pretty much a complete DVMAX fan and tell everyone I know the great advantages to this system and how much I especially like it compared to other systems that are pretty much junk. I certainly will continue to do so and appreciate the fact that this company has a heart as well.

Satisfied User

Dr. Kevin Concannon

Veterinary Specialty Hospital of The Carolinas (A MPA and 24 hour clinic)

"The big thing that I like about DVMAX is stability".

The big thing that I like about DVMAX is stability. That's key when you run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Satisfied User

K.J.Storimans, B.Sc. DVM

Elmvale Veterinary Hospital

"Everything is running flawlessly".

I just thought I would let you guys know how happy we are with the last few versions of your program. We are running 9 work stations (Macs) and our server is a PC. Everything is running flawlessly and since we have converted to a paperless practice we have been able to eliminate one receptionist due to the increase in efficiency!

Successful Upgrade

Daryl R. Mabley, DVM

Arbor Animal Hospital

"My IT people said that this was one of the easiest installs they had done".

I am pleased to say that Cheryl Palm, and the entire tech crew did a great job with our recent upgrade. I was very concerned with how smooth this would go. I wanted minimal down time as we are a very busy practice, and with the computers down we are in trouble quickly! I reluctantly made the decision to upgrade. When I first contacted Cheryl I was frustrated and Cheryl got me to relax and proceed. I had been very happy with my current version of DVMAX and did not want to change. The entire process was trouble free. Your crew's interaction with my IT team was great. My IT people said that this was one of the easiest installs they had done. We started the install on schedule at 8:30 am, and were invoicing, etc. by 9:30 am. No problems. None since.

Successful Upgrade

Dr. Rogan, DVM

Valley Veterinarians

"Everyone involved was VERY helpful".

The upgrade went much more smoothly than I ever would have imagined. The documentation provided to me in advance made the whole thing really easy. In addition I had a good IT guy at this end that had the network up and running quickly. After that it was really just a matter of loading up the upgrade, downloading my converted data and bingo, everything booted right up. Everyone involved was VERY helpful. I was very pleased with the whole experience.

Quality Support

Lori Jensen, Practice Manager

North Shore Animal Hospital

"We get return calls within 10 -15 minutes".

Our hospital has been very pleased with our experience. DVMAX is a joy to work with. After having been on a DOS system that was purchased many years ago we were reluctant to change. DVMAX made the change easy. We have been pleasantly surprised by the responsiveness of the tech support. We get return calls within 10 -15 minutes and in the rare instance they have been unable to solve our problem immediately someone has researched it and gotten back to me quickly. The techs are friendly and easy to deal with. Our buy cheap Xenical past companies support people had a tendency to be frustrated with our lack of computer knowledge. DVMAX technical staff is willing to work with even my most novice staff members to solve problems. I would highly recommend DVMAX software and support to any of my fellow practice managers.

Quality Support

Pamela Baker

Viking Community Animal Hospital

"John gave the utmost professional assistance".

I would like to take this opportunity to commend one of your employees, Mr. John Bellos. John gave the up most professional assistance to myself and our Animal Hospital rectifying a label printer problem and software installation. John is very knowledgeable in this profession and field of technology. Thank you for employing John, as one of your technicians. Please give John the recognition that is most deserved.