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Too Busy to Switch Veterinary Software? Now's The Perfect Time

Are you thinking about upgrading your veterinary software, but are concerned about the potential disruption during the upgrade process? You're not alone! Changing software systems is almost always a big change for a veterinary practice, so feeling apprehensive about it is understandable.  

A better way to manage cancellations and no shows

The boom in patient traffic has also upped the frequency of cancellations, no shows and rescheduled appointments. We get how disruptive this can be, so we’ve made it easier to track and manage these schedule surprises.

On-demand webinar: getting started with Neo inventory

Eager to start using Neo’s inventory capabilities? Join Neo ninjas Sarah Buehler and Christa Weghorn for this 45-minute tutorial on...

Why was Neo the best veterinary software for a mobile practice that’s going places?

In August 2020 Allison Tashnek, DVM took a detour from her position as an associate veterinarian in a brick-and-mortar hospital and started her own mobile practice. It quickly took off, going from zero to 50 visits per week in a matter of months.

Veterinary Staff Training: Everybody Needs It, Nobody Likes It

Perhaps now more than ever, when many veterinary teams are understaffed and overwhelmed, adding an extra pair of hands can be a lifesaver.  However, with that new hire comes the necessity for a task that no one looks forward to: training.