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Samantha Walker, RVT

5 Key Steps to Adopt New Technology in Your Veterinary Practice

New technology in veterinary medicine is popping up everywhere.  When it comes to updating your veterinary software, equipment, or associated workflows, here are 5 tips to help the transition run smoothly. 

Why Switching Veterinary Software is So Scary (and Why It Shouldn’t Be)

Any change in life can be intimidating, but when it comes to running a veterinary practice, one change in particular seems to bring fear to the hearts of veterinary professionals everywhere: switching veterinary software. 

Is Your Veterinary Software Costing You More Than Just Money?

It’s a well-known fact that humans are creatures of habit.  We eat the same restaurants, drink the same coffee, and in general, fall into routines that can be difficult break out of.  When it comes to running a veterinary practice, this affinity for consistency doesn’t stop at the door.

Tackling Change in a Veterinary Practice: Getting Your Team Onboard

Making changes in a vet practice can be intimidating. How do you initiate veterinary practice change without decreasing veterinary team morale or causing operational issues?  

5 Pitfalls of Change in a Vet Clinic (And How to Avoid Them)

With such a high workload and pressure coming from all angles, managing change in a veterinary clinic can be stressful. Let's look at five common pitfalls of veterinary change management and how to avoid them.