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Angela Beal, DVM

How Neo Helps Increase Productivity, and Ultimately Team Morale

Practice life is busier than ever, with no signs of slowing down. According to the Veterinary Industry Tracker from, spring 2021 veterinary visits were up by as much as 31% compared to spring 2020. You know that the never-ending stream of hectic days can lead to low team morale, fatigue, and burnout. Your team’s wellbeing is a top priority, and you constantly search for new, innovative ways to keep them happy.

How to become your hospital’s paperless champion

If your hospital hasn’t yet made the switch to paperless, what’s holding you back? Although the transition may seem daunting, the benefits of a paperless system far outweigh the effort involved and will vastly improve your hospital’s daily operations. Consider these perks of going paperless:

5 steps to go paperless, from an office that did it

Many hospitals believe they are paperless since they use digital medical records, but they still use paper forms for processes such as patient check-in, surgical consent, and anesthetic monitoring that are scanned into the digital medical record. These “paperless” clinics spend countless hours scanning forms and use precious space storing redundant paper documentation.

5 ways Neo Software can help you run a more efficient veterinary practice

As veterinary practices become busier, finding ways to fit more work into the day is increasingly important. If you are like most practices, you have patients double-booked through the next month, your phone is ringing off the hook, and you are trying to find ways to squeeze in new clients.

5 ways switching to Neo Software can make for a happy veterinary team

Keeping your veterinary team members happy is essential for their well-being and your practice's success. After all, a happy team means a more upbeat work environment, happier clients, and a better bottom line. With the current busy pace and workflow challenges, keeping your team in good spirits is more important than ever—taking advantage of tools that can streamline workflow, improve client communication, and make days go easier is a no-brainer.