Cornerstone Software

Cornerstone features

Learn how Cornerstone Software helps you work smarter now and also meets your changing needs.

Core features

  • Diagnostic integration
  • Scheduling
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory
  • EMR
  • Reporting
  • Whiteboard
  • Compliance assessment
  • Imaging integration

Essential services

  • Credit card processing
  • Data backup
  • Hardware
  • Client communications

Revenue-boosting apps

  • SmartFlow Workflow Optimization System
  • rVetLink Referral Management Solution
  • Petly Plans

Core features

Cornerstone Software comes with the features that streamline your workflows and save your team time.

Diagnostic integration
Eliminates mistakes in ordering and data entry.

Provides staff with visibility to all practice activity.

Helps ensure you have the products you need.

Keeps patient records consistent and complete.

Compliance assessment
Alerts staff about every eligible care opportunity.

Imaging integration
Allows you to select, order, and view diagnostic images within Cornerstone Software.

Essential services

Cornerstone Software gives you the flexibility to add what you need to boost practice efficiency.

Credit card processing

Make checkout time faster and more accurate with Cornerstone Payments.

Data backup

Never lose your data. Only IDEXX offers a service that automatically backs up your Cornerstone data every day and monitors it proactively to ensure 100% accuracy. 


Optimize your Cornerstone Software performance. We offer technology that meets your unique needs and is compatible with your existing hardware, software, and goals.

Keep your clients closer

Cornerstone Software integrates seamlessly with Pet Health Network Pro, giving you a fast, easy way to stay connected with your clients.

Revenue-boosting apps and services

Cornerstone integrates seamlessly with services from IDEXX and our partners.

SmartFlow Workflow Optimization System

Increase revenue up to 20% with SmartFlow system. This proven workflow optimization system converts practices to paperless environments and improves efficiencies and communications within the practice. Learn more

Petly Plans

Empower your clients to say yes to all the care their pets need. Petly Plans are affordable for clients, customizable for practices, and managed automatically. Learn more

rVetLink Referral Management Solution

Keep referring veterinarians informed about their patients’ status at your specialty/emergency practice. rVetLink automates communication and shares key medical data instantly. Learn more

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