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IDEXX CardioPet ECG Plans

The easy, fast, and affordable way to identify potentially hard-to-detect arrhythmias prior to anesthesia.

Why ECGs matter

Arrhythmias are more common than you may realize. And they can be difficult to identify. Preanesthetic screening and guidance about how to interpret ECGs can be lifesaving for veterinary patients.

Toby: Auscultation missed detection


Monkey: Examination missed detection


Did you know?

How it fits into your workflow

The CardioPet ECG Device makes routine ECGs quick and easy.

Add a cardiology ECG in no time—every time. It’s fast, easy, and part of a complete preanesthetic panel. 

  • 3-minute workflow
  • 9-minute results on average*
  • Cost per screen as low as $10*

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How to easily work ECG screens into your workflow


Compare ECG plans

Our subscription-based ECG interpretation services complement your existing bloodwork panel and make routine ECGs affordable. 


5 ECG screens per month

CardioPet ECG Device not included

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10 ECG screens per month

CardioPet ECG Device included

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20 ECG screens per month

CardioPet ECG Device included

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40 ECG screens per month

CardioPet ECG Device included

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*Times and prices may vary. Results guaranteed in under 30 minutes. Learn more about pricing plans.

Offer valid only for practices that have not yet purchased a CardioPet ECG Device. A 12-month commitment is required.

Note: Newly enrolled practices may earn two IDEXX Points for each case submitted. Each IDEXX Point is worth one dollar toward the purchase of any IDEXX product or service (no cash value). See for terms and conditions. Charges for ECG screens performed over the monthly plan allotment will be assessed at the cost of an individual screen indicated in the plan contract.

1. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc. Westbrook, Maine USA.