Cornerstone software

Never lose your data

The only service that ensures your Cornerstone data is stored accurately and reliably, everyday.

Automated daily backup

Take the responsibility off staff and eliminate human error.

Proactive data validation

Cornerstone specialists will monitor your data and ensure 100% accuracy.

Security alerts

We will notify you the moment an error is identified – and help fix it!

Faster recovery

Your business-critical data will be available in less than 2 hours – faster than anyone else.

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Protect your valuable practice data

“An easy way to have a sense of security about what’s going on in your practice.”

- Nancy Drumm, Practice Manager, Troy Veterinary Hospital


31,727 Gigabytes

Cornerstone data currently backed up by IDEXX

Head-to-head comparison

Find out how Cornerstone Data Backup & Recovery compares to other business-class backup services.

Cornerstone data backup best practices

Get more information about implementing a multilayered data backup and recovery strategy.

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