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Vet-To-Vet Conversation With IDEXX

Headed to WVC? Don’t miss these 7 educational sessions.

From March 5‒9, Las Vegas will be teeming with more than 15,000 veterinary professionals like you who are hungry to learn. We’ll be there too, offering in-depth sessions to help you enhance patient care, improve everyday practice, and streamline patient diagnoses.

Bet on learning the latest about diagnosing kidney disease early and conducting fecal examinations that reveal what microscopes can’t.

Focus your learning at the NAVC Conference 2017—it’s almost here!

This year’s North American Veterinary Community Conference, on February 4‒8 in Orlando, Florida, is fast approaching. We’re offering several rich education sessions that will help you enhance your patient care with fresh insights into everyday practice as well as exciting new developments in veterinary diagnostics.

Coming to your doorstep: one more way to improve practice efficiency

For more than 25 years, veterinarians like you have counted on SNAP® tests to deliver quick, accurate results for a variety of common diseases and conditions. And now  we have found a way to make including them in your work flow even easier. 

4 Tips for dental health month that will make your practice sparkle year-round

February is National Pet Dental Health Month. Get your practice and your clients ready with these tips.

A new approach for safer imaging: Lower the Dose

Radiography is vital to the best practice of veterinary medicine because it enables the detection, understanding, and treatment of a variety of health issues. Accompanying these benefits, however, are risk factors associated with radiation exposure, which every veterinary professional should take to heart.

To help raise awareness of radiation safety best practices, IDEXX is collaborating with the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA) and the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR) on an exciting new initiative: Lower the Dose.