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Think your patients aren’t exposed to leptospirosis? Think again.

Any pet that drinks water from puddles risks contracting leptospirosis. That’s where wild animals drink (and urinate), setting the stage for the spread of this dangerous disease. The number of cases of leptospirosis is rising in urban and rural communities, even in dry climates. Here’s what you need to know to protect your patients and clients.

Distemper threatens dogs in New Hampshire

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New Hampshire wildlife officials report multiple cases of distemper in foxes and fisher cats in the North Country and around New Hampshire, and advise residents to vaccinate their dogs and keep them away from wild animals that may be infected.

Warm Winter Could Mean More Lyme Disease in Alabama

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Non-profit health organization warns that Alabama’s mild winter will mean more ticks this season, and underscores that people whose pets have Lyme disease are at greater risk of contracting the disease.

Distemper outbreak kills four puppies in Las Vegas, sickens more

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Four puppies with distemper have been euthanized at a veterinary clinic in Las Vegas. All were purchased from the same seller via Craigslist, and dozens of pet owners are coming forward sharing similar experiences.

Distemper in the Northwoods puts Wisconsin pets at risk

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With canine distemper on the rise in the Northwoods, ensure dogs are vaccinated against deadly disease.