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Vet-To-Vet Conversation With IDEXX

A closer look at veterinary industry innovation

Our CEO, Jon Ayers, recently gave the closing keynote at the 2017 Veterinary Innovation Summit at Texas A&M University.

Leptospirosis sickens dogs in the White Mountains, AZ

The news

Two cases of dogs contracting leptospirosis have been confirmed in the White Mountains, Arizona. Noting an increase in the disease, veterinarians are urging pet owners to vaccinate their dogs and are raising awareness that the disease can also sicken humans.

Hook ’em, round ’em, whip ’em: Detect more, detect earlier with Fecal Dx testing

Innovations in veterinary medicine continue to make it easier to provide patients with an increasingly higher standard of care. Just like the detection of antigens modernized heartworm testing 20 years ago, fecal antigen testing is now dramatically improving veterinarians’ ability to detect the most common intestinal worms found in dogs and cats.

Parvo sickens over a dozen dogs in Chicopee

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With more than a dozen cases of the potentially deadly disease reported in Chicopee, a local veterinary clinic is offering vaccination clinics for dogs and urging all area residents to ensure their dogs are vaccinated.

Distemper threatens Minnesota dogs

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The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources reports an increase in reports of canine distemper, and encourages dog owners to ensure their pets are vaccinated against the deadly disease.