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Peter Terhune VSS

Cornerstone: Quick patient clipboard navigation

The patient clipboard in Cornerstone has a wealth of information. And in this tip Cornerstone expert Erin Peters shares tricks to help you quickly find what you’re looking for, including:

  • How to use F7 to move back through recent patients and clients, or F8 to move forward.
  • Using commas while typing a patient’s first and last name to expedite searches.
  • Filtering information in the patient summary tab to quickly find things like callbacks, check-ins or declined history items.
  • Keyword searches that can zero in on data in patient history as well as medical notes.

On-demand webinar: Getting started with Cornerstone inventory

Eager to start using Cornerstone’s inventory capabilities? Join Cornerstone® mavens Erin Peters and Michelle Campoli CVT CVPM, for this 45-minute tutorial on:
•    Best practices for setup, linking and price breaks
•    Five reports you’ll adore
•    Tips, tricks and “hidden gems”

How and when to use account adjustments in Cornerstone

In this tip, Cornerstone blackbelt Erin Peters shares best practices on how and when to use account adjustments in Cornerstone. Adjustments might seem like a quick fix for a client account problem, but when used inappropriately they can do more harm than good. Case in point: using adjustments as an account correction. So when should they be used? Erin recommends account adjustments for three situations: 

  1. When you need to change a finance charge
  2. Where forgiveness or waving may come into play is when you're deciding what to do with an old account credit
  3. When you or another team member forgot to add a discount before closing the invoice in posting the payment

Tips for using the change given option in Cornerstone

In this tip, Cornerstone guru Erin Peters talks about best practices with change given. These tips will help you and your staff avoid some common client account errors and make balancing your cash drawer a snap. 

How to create an email list in Cornerstone

In this tip Cornerstone maven Erin Peters shows you how to create a customized email distribution list using the Client and Patient Report Builder in your Cornerstone® Software. This tip is great for when you need to go beyond basic filtering options like status, classification, or postal code, and pare down your results even further.