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Peter Terhune VSS

How to run a report of lapsed clients or patients in Cornerstone

In this tip we talk about lapsing or lost clients and patients: clients or patients that had been to your practice in the past, but you haven't seen them recently. Besides missing out on critical care, these patients can also represent an important, overlooked source of revenue for your practice. The easiest way to identify these clients and patients is to generate a list from the Client and Patient Report Builder in your Cornerstone Software. And in just two minutes, Cornerstone expert Erin Peters is going to show you how.

How to create compliance reports in Cornerstone

Your recommendations are key to the lifetime health of your patients. Oftentimes those recommendations are dependent on other services like pre-anesthetic workups or therapeutic drug monitoring. In this tip, Cornerstone® Software expert Erin Peters shows you how to leverage the Client and Patient Report Builder to create item-dependent compliance reports. This ensures that your recommendations are being followed by not only your clients, but also by your staff.

Three tips for searching reports in Cornerstone

The reports in your Cornerstone® Software contain a wealth of data. And in this Tip Tuesday video Erin Peters shares three tips to help you pinpoint the information you need, quickly and easily: 
1.    Using quotation marks.
2.    Boolean search, which allows you to combine keywords with the words and, not, and or, to further focus your results.
3.    Including or ignoring keywords in your results.

How to void a payment in Cornerstone

Not sure how to void a payment in Cornerstone? Cornerstone® Software expert Erin Peter is going to show you how. Whether the payment is associated with an invoice or made directly on the client’s account, this short video shows how easy it is. Watch this tip now!

New Tip Tuesday series serves up free Cornerstone know-how every week

Become a Cornerstone® Software pro with our weekly Tip Tuesday series! Every week our Cornerstone experts share a bite-sized tip or trick you can use right away. Topics range from reporting and inventory how-tos, to client communications, medical notes, and business administration.