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Cornerstone 9.5 "is a life-saver" says super-user Alex DeRuiter

When he wants to learn something new, Alex DeRuiter takes matters into his own hands. Whether that’s mastering bonsai. Building a backyard bread oven. Or exploring the latest features in Cornerstone. During a rare moment of downtime at Grand Rapids Rapids Vet Clinic, Alex shared his impressions of the Cornerstone 9.5 upgrade, raved about enhancements like the new patient clipboard drop-down, and shared tips on getting team members up to speed on what’s new in Cornerstone.

Free CE: Money talks, de-stressing cost conversations with clients

Discussing the “M” word can either put a knot in your stomach and your client’s—or reinforce your bond. In this live session, 3 practitioners share advice on the training, tools and tech that empower their staff to have confident conversations with pet parents about the cost of care. And you’ll get a free guide to creating your own training program.

Customer profile: Alex DeRuiter, Grand Rapids Vet Clinic

Film fan with a soft spot for Fellini and David Lynch. Bonsai whisperer. Amateur chef who slices radishes so thin you can see through them. Alex DeRuiter, 35, is a man of many talents, and that includes using Cornerstone in some novel ways.

Customer profile: David Hawkins, Dogwood Pet Hospital

When he’s not whitewater rafting or managing a team of 7 in Gresham, Oregon, David Hawkins is tirelessly sharing Cornerstone tips and advice online on forums like Cornerstone Users Unite. How’d he learn so much—and where does he find the time to share it? What’s the one piece of advice he has for other users—and for the Cornerstone team?

Free CE: What's new with Cornerstone!

Cornerstone® Software has added over 50 new features in the last two years. And more are on the way, like texting clients a link to pay! In this free 2-hour course for receptionists, technicians, practice managers and veterinarians, you'll learn:

  • New ways to complete your everyday tasks faster using Cornerstone
  • Time-saving tips and shortcuts
  • What’s coming in Cornerstone 9.5

Plus, there will be plenty of time for Q&A with friendly Cornerstone experts!