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Blog: The pulse of veterinary medicine

Hook ’em, round ’em, whip ’em: Detect more, detect earlier with Fecal Dx testing
Innovations in veterinary medicine continue to make it easier to provide patients with an increasingly higher standard of care. Just like the detection of antigens modernized heartworm testing 20 years ago, fecal antigen testing is now dramatically improving veterinarians’ ability to detect the most common intestinal worms found in dogs and cats.

Think your patients aren’t exposed to leptospirosis? Think again.
Any pet that drinks water from puddles risks contracting leptospirosis. The number of cases of leptospirosis is rising in urban and rural communities, even in dry climates. Here’s what you need to know to protect your patients and clients.

Did you know artificial intelligence is in veterinary medicine?
The phrase “artificial intelligence” is everywhere these days. But do you know what it means? And did you know that artificial intelligence is alive and well in many veterinary practices, helping you make more confident and accurate medical decisions?

Coming to your doorstep: one more way to improve practice efficiency
For more than 25 years, veterinarians like you have counted on SNAP tests to deliver quick, accurate results for a variety of common diseases and conditions. And now we have found a way to make including them in your work flow even easier.

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