IDEXX Petly Plans

Payment processing

Processing client payments is simpler with Petly Plans. Our integrated payment solution will save you both time and energy.

Processing client payments with Petly Plans

The ability to effortlessly process recurring monthly payments for your clients’ preventive care plans is essential to a successful program. With Petly Plans, you don’t have to think about when payments need to be processed or worry about the time it takes to manually enter payments into a point-of-sale terminal. We’ve built a fully integrated payment solution application that will save you both time and energy.

There are three services required to process client payments through Petly Plans:

Authorize.Net(subsidiary of Visa)

Process client credit card and bank account (i.e., ACH withdrawal) payments through this online payment portal that stores your client’s payment information in a private, secure, and PCI-compliant customer information management (CIM) system.

eCheck.Net(subsidiary of Visa)

Process payments from your clients’ bank account electronically (i.e., ACH withdrawal). This is Petly Plans-recommended method of payment.

Merchant Services

With this merchant service, you’ll be able to process debit and credit card payments. Your practice’s Merchant Services account will be added to your Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Payment Processing Detailer