IDEXX Petly Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

  • Enhanced overall standard of care through consistent recommendations and protocols
  • Increased client loyalty
  • Improved compliance on recommended services and products
  • Improved revenue consistency throughout the year
  • Consistent, quality pet care for a longer and healthier life
  • Affordable monthly payment options
  • Early detection of potential disease or illness – which can also reduce the need for more expensive treatments

Preventive care plans improve access to high-quality care by allowing pet owners to pay a fixed monthly fee for pre-determined preventive care services. Pet insurance, on the other hand, is intended to offset the cost of care for unexpected injuries, illnesses and emergencies. Pet insurance premiums typically do not apply to preventive care coverage.

About the Product

Petly Plans is an online software solution that enables your practice to automate, manage and monitor a range of monthly payment preventive care plans.

Yes, you have the option and are encouraged to create a program specific to your practice. Plus, plans can easily be personalized to your patients.

Cornerstone, DVMAX, AVImark, Infinity, Intravet and ClienTrax

The practice must be running a Microsoft – supported Windows server and there must be a static IP address. High speed broadband internet is also required.

Our implementation specialist team will assist you with the set up of a private and secure payment gateway through a third-party vendor known as Petly Plans has a seamless interface with to automate the processing of the daily initial enrollment fees as well as the monthly payments for the practice. Monthly payments are processed on the 20th of every month, while new plan enrollments are processed daily.

You can choose to accept bank drafts through eCheck (U.S. only), major credit cards and debit cards. The software allows you to store multiple payment methods for an individual client. Best practice is to have a bank account as the primary payment method for the monthly payment and store a major credit card as the secondary method.

Yes, Petly Plans defaults to auto-renew all plans at the end of each 12-month term. Plans can automatically renew into a different plan type if the practice chooses. For example, a kitten plan can be set up to renew after one year to a feline silver plan. The auto renewal feature can be deactivated if the client decides not to renew the plan for the following term.

A plan can be changed at any time, even if services have been used. You also have the option to cancel a plan at any time and our software will provide the best options for accommodating the cancelation.


A specialist will assist you through the implementation process, which typically takes 30 – 45 days. Specific phases include:

  • Setup
  • Marketing
  • Configuration
  • Training and Launch

Yes. Our team of implementation specialists will share best practices and provide sample plan content and pricing to help you set up your individual program.

You can select from an assortment of pre-designed marketing materials including brochures, client books, and posters. Materials can be customized to incorporate your practice logo, specific plan services, and pricing. Plus, you have access to web banners, social media posts and more to promote your plans.