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Cancer diagnostics

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Our comprehensive diagnostic portfolio gives you clarity. 

The cancer diagnostics test and service menu gives you the answers you need, when you need them:

Cancer screening for at-risk dogs 
  • IDEXX Nu.Q Canine Cancer Screen (test code 8993)
Cancer identification
  • Digital cytology*
  • Priority cytology
  • Priority biopsy
  • Bone Marrow Cytology and Biopsy with Microscopic Description (test code 6070)
Genomic test for cancer detection 
  • Liquid Biopsy for Suspect Cancer (OncoK9) (test code 8972)
Cancer characterization 
  • Mast cell tumor prognostic panel 
  • Immunocytochemical staining as recommended by pathology 
  • Immunohistochemistry as recommended by pathology 
  • Lymphoma clonality (PARR)
Genomic test for treatment selection suggestions 
  • FidoCure DNA Sequencing Panel Add-on to Biopsy (test code 8978)
Treatment monitoring 
  • Cancer Baseline Profile with Urinalysis (test code 8975) 
  • Cancer Baseline Profile and SediVue Dx Urinalysis (test code 8975S)
  • Chemotherapy Recheck Profile (test code 8976) 
  • Chemotherapy Recheck Profile with Urinalysis (test code 8977)

Requires the in-house IDEXX Digital Cytology instrument. 
† Urinalysis is performed on the IDEXX SediVue Dx Urine Sediment Analyzer.


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