IDEXX SDMA testing

Resources for practice managers

Implementation guide

  • Set pricing and launch date
  • Update codes in your PIMS and add to rounds sheets
  • Use the IDEXX Learning Center training videos on this page

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Tips for training your staff

  • Designate a staff champion
  • Set and track individual implementation goals
  • Provide staff with our self-directed training checklist

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Staff training resources from the IDEXX Learning Center

Training video

The Catalyst SDMA Test: Diagnose Kidney Disease at the Patient Visit

On-demand webinar

The IRIS CKD Guidelines and the IDEXX SDMA Test (sign-in required)

On-demand webinar

Early Diagnosis to Better Manage Kidney Disease (sign-in required)

On-demand webinar

Are You Missing CKD in Your Healthy Feline Patients? (sign-in required)

Learn how to run SDMA on the Catalyst One and Catalyst Dx chemistry analyzers

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Two options: same reliable results

The in-house Catalyst SDMA Test for use with the Catalyst One and Catalyst Dx chemistry analyzers
The IDEXX SDMA Test, included with every chemistry panel or as a stand-alone test from IDEXX Reference Laboratories