IDEXX Veterinary Preventive Care Resource Center

The IDEXX Preventive Care team.

Guidance and expert support dedicated to your success.

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Get personalized veterinary, support, guidance, and expertise from the IDEXX team every step of the way.

  • Local Veterinary Diagnostic Consultants
  • Professional Services Veterinarians
  • Field Support Representatives
  • Medical Consultants
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Local Veterinary Diagnostic Consultants
Your go-to-partner for implementing preventive care guidelines
  • Consults with you to create personalized IDEXX Preventive Care profiles
  • Consults on preventive care as a growth initiative for your practice
  • Supports implementation of diagnostic protocols
Professional Services Veterinarians
Provides medical education in your practice
  • Educates your staff on the value of preventive care
  • Shares case studies and real-world examples
Field Support Representatives
Helps implement guidelines and optimize your workflow
  • Supports practice management software updates
  • Trains your staff on new processes


Medical Consultants
Direct live access and personalized guidance from board-certified specialists
  • Supports clinical decision-making

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Let us help you implement preventive care guidelines, simply and seamlessly, and allow your patients to live healthier, happier lives.
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Staff training, implementation, and rewards

  • Professional staff training on best practices in the exam room.
  • Support for your staff in understanding the benefit and value of more complete patient health assessment.
  • A Preventive Care Simple Start goal for your team at launch with tools to set new goals over time.
  • Support from Veterinary Diagnostic Consultant, Field Support Representative, and Professional Services Veterinarian.
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Client-friendly education and materials

  • Brochures that reinforce the importance of preventive care diagnostics.
  • Client-friendly summaries that explain patient results.
  • Trending graphs that showcase changes over time.
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Strategies for client compliance

  • A personalized consultation to identify the diagnostic opportunities for growth in your practice.
  • Guidance in setting compliance goals.
  • Access to tools to help drive client compliance.

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