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National Pet Dental Health month is just around the corner

While we all know dental cleanings should be taking place every month, you can use the national marketing and social media efforts already in place to your advantage. Here are a few ideas for marketing to your own client base to get them in the door and send them out wowed.


Get your clients through the door

Use the Client and Patient Report Builder to identify active patients based on criteria such as age, prior or missing dental care and date of last visit. In this example, I am looking for active patients who are at least 5 years old, have been in within the last year and have not had a dental within the last 24 months.

Use the report as a call list, print mailing labels or perform a document merge


Wow your clients

Have your dental cleaning items linked to an appropriate departing instruction so they print on the client invoice and are saved to the patient record. In this example, dental cleanings are based on dental grade, and messages vary based on the grade (to help set the expectation for the next cleaning or exam interval). Note: make sure your dental cleaning reminder intervals align with your messaging!

While many of you probably send home post-dental care instructions, here are a few tips on making sure they underscore the value for the services you provide (and are easy for your team to create!)

  1. Make sure to include pre and post cleaning pictures. Note: Images should always be inserted (do NOT copy/paste into the document) and should not exceed a file size of 500kb
  2. Use bookmarks to import information from the patient record into the document, such as lab results and prescriptions. Note: the results and prescriptions need to be completed prior to using the bookmarks.

Here is an example of the setup as well as a completed instruction document:

Michelle Campoli, CVT, CVPM

Michelle Campoli, CVT, CVPM

Michelle Campoli loves teaching people how they can do more with Cornerstone. When she’s not sharing her favorite tips and tricks in one of our Cornerstone user group meetings, Michelle enjoys spending time with her husband, cat, and three retired greyhounds; playing in her kitchen and volunteering for her local greyhound adoption group.

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