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Could these three tips boost your dentals by 78%?

The team at Bay Porte Animal Hospital in La Porte, Texas, recently shared their success at using Petly Plans to increase dentals by 78%. Practice manager Stacey Aubin, CVPM, explains how they did it:

1. Start with your staff

Before you start offering wellness plans, make sure your staff is on board. “Brochures, Facebook posts and our website charts generate interest,” Stacey says, “but the deciding factor for pet owners is the passion from our staff, because they provide the value to the clients.”

2. Keep your plans simple

Make sure your plans are clear and easy to understand so pet owners get excited, not confused. 

3. Sell the value of spreading out payments

“I made sure our staff was educated to show the normal practice price of the dental in comparison to the plan price,” Stacey says. “The ability to spread the payments out makes it affordable, so pet owners can say yes”.

Get your staff ready to boost dental compliance with this script.

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