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Helpful handouts to educate your clients about the importance of testing and early diagnosis.

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Brochures and postcards limited to 200 each; pads and posters limited to four.
Items are not available outside of the U.S.

Client Brochures
Is your cat here for a dental visit?

Feline oral health client brochure

Parasitic Screening Pet Owner Brochure
Hyperthyroidism in cats
Hyperthyroidism in dogs
Preventive care and your pet

Owner brochure

The complete urinalysis and your pet
Canine parvovirus. The basics.
Leptospirosis and your dog. The facts.
Heart disease and dogs. The facts about heart health.
Love the heart that loves you. Feline heart health brochure.
Client Conversations
Screening your pet for chronic kidney disease
Kidney disease in pets. Six things you need to know.

Items are not available outside of the U.S.