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Make checkout time faster and more accurate with Neo Payments
  • Take the wait out of checkout time for clients by processing payments at multiple workstations or on the go using a mobile payment device.
  • Eliminate manual errors and time spent entering data twice.
  • Reconcile daily receipts 50% faster without credit card discrepancies.
  • Manage transactions securely using a solution powered by CardConnect®.

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What's new with Neo

Credit card processing for veterinary practices: integrated vs non-integrated

Whether you’re opening your first practice or you’ve served pets and their parents for over two decades, it’s hard to imagine running a successful veterinary practice without a reliable way to process credit cards. When shopping for payment processing options it can be tempting to start by comparing rates, or to just go with the vendor your friends or financial institution recommend. But one of the best places to begin is by weighing the advantages of a payment processing solution that integrates with your veterinary software versus a stand-alone system. It’s a decision that can have significant implications for your staff, clients and bottom line.

Veterinary Hackers Beware: Cloud Security is Here to Stay

The veterinary industry is not immune to the issues that come along with technology. Power outages, server crashes, and software lags can send team members into a tailspin. But one of the most concerning situations a veterinary team can face is a breach of security when it comes to their practice data.

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