The Pulse of Veterinary Medicine

Preventive care screening tests: why now?

Preventive care has always been important to veterinary professionals, but lab work has not been a regular part of the preventive care toolkit. 

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Water Testing Solutions

What's the Difference between MPN and CFU?

We get asked a lot of questions – as I am sure you do during the course of your day. “What is the detection limit of Colilert?” (1 organism/100mL) “Why does Legiolert only test for Legionella pneumophila?” (Because it causes 97% of Legionnaires’ disease cases.) “Where are your tests manufactured?”  (proudly developed and manufactured in Westbrook, Maine, USA.)

But the one question that we are most familiar with is ‘what’s the difference between the Most Probable Number (MPN) and a Colony Forming Unit (CFU)?’

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Cornerstone News & Information

January 2019 lab tip: Updating IDEXX Reference Laboratory pricing in Cornerstone

If you’re on Cornerstone 8.4 NEXT and higher, your IDEXX Reference Laboratory Directory of Services updates daily. For those who don’t have Cornerstone set up to automatically update prices, here are a couple ways you can do it manually with a minimum of effort. Get into the habit of updating your reference laboratory invoice items soon after you receive your new IDEXX Reference Laboratory pricing. 

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IDEXX Neo: What's New

New feature: Make checkout time faster and more accurate with Neo Payments (February 2019)

Ready for credit card processing that’s simple, fast and straightforward? Neo Payments is built right into Neo, so it automatically sends the invoice amount directly to the payment terminal and back to save time and prevent mistakes. And you can process payments from multiple workstations or on the go using mobile payment devices.

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