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IDEXX’s portfolio of tests enables you to confirm pregnancy in cows, goat, sheep, or water buffalo using milk or blood based samples. A negative pregnancy result can indicate more than the need for reinsemination. Alertys pregnancy tests provide accurate results as early as 28 days.

  • Initiate rapid rebreeding.
  • Assess health issues that impact pregnancy.
  • Schedule ultrasound visit at 45–60 days, if pregnant



Improving reproduction and herd health

Including Alertys pregnancy tests as part of your reproductive management program means you can get accurate results as early as 28 days.

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Testing as a complement to ultrasound and palpation


Take the instrument cost out of ELISA testing. Watch this short video to see how your practice can benefit.

With the Alertys Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test, you can run blood-based testing in clinic and read and interpret results with ease. All without investing in equipment.

  • Make farm visits more efficient.
  • Serve more clients with less travel.
  • Recommend disease prevention strategies.
  • Market nonpregnant cows and heifers.
  • Detects pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs).



Sharing results, strengthening relationships

Help producers and their veterinarians improve reproductive efficiency with early, accurate detection. Then share the results with both. This puts your laboratory at the center of your customers’ business. And that will generate more business for you.

Testing with blood or milk samples

The Alertys Ruminant Pregnancy Test detects, with exceptional accuracy, pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in blood samples of cows (including embryo transfer), sheep, goats, bison, and buffalo.

IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy Test

The Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test (PDF) uses trusted ELISA technology to confirm pregnancy status as early as 28 days postbreeding (cows, goats, and water buffalo) and 60 days post calving (cows, sheep).

IDEXX Milk Pregnancy Test

Partnering to increase testing volume

Encourage more veterinarians to rely on your laboratory services by distributing the Alertys Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test. Perform blood-based testing in clinic or on farm—without investing in laboratory instruments. Test from 28 days (cows, goats) postbreeding, for real-time results that support early actions to improve pregnancy rates, production, and profits. Test also detects pregnancy in sheep and water buffalo.

IDEXX Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test

Complete list of species, sample types, and sensitivity types

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Assessing overall herd health

An open pregnancy result often suggests the presence of other health issues. Sharing results with veterinarians may prompt additional testing for:

*Percentages represent pregnancy loss between days.


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